Experience, partnership, responsibility
1973 Year of foundation
3000 Products
56 100 000 m<sup>2</sup> per year
84% Export


Mogotex Mission

Our mission is to create, produce and deliver fabrics, tricots, sewing garments and yarns of high quality, which are competitive on local and foreign markets, and correspond to requirements and expectations of our consumers.

In order to reach a constant success, we intend to satisfy all the parties: our consumers, suppliers, partners, and employees.

Mogotex Future

We are planning to take a leading role in the industry by supplying the market with innovative and high-quality products.

Mogotex Philosophy

Mogotex is considered to be one of the leading companies in textile industry. Our products help our customers to be successful in their business and satisfy their needs.

We produce and deliver goods within Belarus, to many regions of Russian Federation and Far Abroad. We constantly search for efficiency improvement, adopt new innovative technologies.

Our employees are talented and well motivated.

Company develops, trains and awards its employees.

We fulfill our obligations. We are considered to be economical, intellectual and social base of our country.

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