Experience, partnership, responsibility
1973 Year of foundation
3000 Products
56 100 000 m<sup>2</sup> per year
84% Export


In 1973 JSC "Mogotex" opened the first production.

The work began with the commissioning of weaving and finishing mills — key production facilities, where the process of weaving process gives way further processing of fabrics.

Weaving factory is equipped with modern prep and weaving equipment for the production of synthetic gray cloth, cotton and mixed, providing high quality gray cloth and a variety of structures.

At present, the factory has 937 weaving looms, 38 units preparatory equipment (warping and sizing), 83 units of warp knitting machines and 12 units of sectional warping machines.

That is not a big age even for a single person and for a huge enterprise as JSC «Mogotex» — it is a period of maturation and growth. Over the years, its team gained invaluable experience of dynamic growth and improvement.

In the far 1973-Mogilev plant of silk fabrics, that was still under construction started the production of the goods necessary for a huge country several months ahead of the schedule. Thanks to the new weaving and finishing equipment, in the very beginning the volume of production was doubled. In 2013 our company celebrated its 40 — anniversary.

For many ears we had the image of the enterprise that tests technical and technological innovations of textile industry for the whole Soviet Union. And over the decades, despite all the difficulties of time, the company remains true to its traditions, and the rate of continuous development.


  • State Committee of Construction of the USSR announces the title list of construction design work for future years, which includes the construction of silk plant with capacity of 300 looms in the Belarusian economic region.
  • Mogilev is defined as the construction site for KSHT, where at that time began its production the largest plant in Europe's for chemical fibers, as well as the plant for artificial fibers.


  • On the15th March one of the best excavator operators of construction trust № 17 of "Lavsanstroy" Carlos Rodriguez took the first bucket of soil from the pit of the future textile industry giant of the republic and the country.
  • Vladimir Semenov was appointed the director of KSHT.


  • The first set of 800 looms is commissioned, 200 of them — 2 month ahead of schedule.
  • On the 31st of October in the weaving shop №1 supervisor assistant Ivan Homchenk and a weaver Zinaida Goncharova made a first meter of grey silk fabric on the loom №9, art. 32432.


  • Another 1010 looms, including 400 three months earlier than planned, put into operation. At the same time erection and commissioning of the new finishing equipment is going on. First time in USSR all operations in the finishing department are carried out with help of special A-frames.


  • State Commission accepted a third launch complex of 500 looms in the 4th weaving workshop.
  • First meter of the printed fabric was produced on the printing «Stork».
  • State commission accepted the dyeing and finishing production.


  • All Union art conference in polyester fabric took place on the basis of finishing department.


  • Second finishing department is commissioned together with office building and canteen.
  • KSHT renamed in Mogilev Production Association of silk fabrics.


  • Workers of the enterprise were the first ones to work on the Check weaving-knitting looms «Metap-160».


  • According to the program of technical re-equipment in the dyeing-finishing department the adoption of new beam type dyeing machines is started.
  • Construction of a spinning mill is started.
  • Refilling of the jacquard fabric is carried out to the new equipment in weaving shop №2.


  • During the technical re-equipment, first and second preparation departments, first and second weaving department, knitting department, and also dyeing departments of finishing and dyeing-finishing mills.
  • The company first took part in the International Fair of Clothing and Fabrics in Düsseldorf (Germany).
  • Due to changing economic conditions MPOSHT was renamed in Mogilev rental silk enterprise.
  • Collection of fabrics and garments of AP was demonstrated at the International Fair in Poznan (Poland).


  • West German specialists came to AP for erection of the equipment in the brand new spinning mil.


  • A Trading house "Mogotex" is established.


  • For active participation in the development of foreign economic relations, the Presidium of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belarus has awarded the rent enterprise "Mogotex" a special diploma.
  • Directors of enterprises of all sectors of light industry of the country, worked for two days in the AP.
  • In the new economic conditions which prevailed after the disappearance from the political map of the state called the Soviet Union, the AP "Mogotex" has an active advertising and marketing policy with a view to consolidating its position in the old markets and finding new ones in the CIS and far abroad. A good platform for this was the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow, where we participated in the Federal fairs for many years, products of the enterprise is in demand by the customers. This was proved by many here received medals and diplomas.
  • Representatives of the well-known company, "CHT" (Germany) and its subsidiary company «BEZEMA» (Switzerland) conducted on the basis of AP "Mogotex" two-day symposium for professionals of several textile enterprises of Belarus and Russia.


  • AP "Mogotex" is recognized as the winner of "Best exporter Enterprise-» in a nomination for most positive foreign trade balance in the system of concern "Bellegprom".
  • On the October30 a new achievement is made — the production volume of grey silk fabric has reached 1,632 billion running meters!
  • The museum of the enterprise is established.


  • In connection with the decision of the Conference of the personnel to change the ownership at the end of the leas, AP "Mogotex" was transformed into open joint-stock company "Mogilev textile" (JSC "Mogotex").
  • Sanatorium "Rodnik" turned 20.


  • The system of quality ISO 9001, confirmed by the certificates of State Standard of Belarus and TUV CERT (Germany) is integrated.


  • Because JSC «Mogotex» was the first one in the field, that certified the quality system in accordance with ISO 9001, the meeting between leaders of all Mogilev enterprises took place here on this topic.
  • The first line of our own CHP was started.
  • The present Director of JSC «Mogotex» Viktor Matievich was appointed.


  • JSC «Mogotex» was successfully certified for quality management according to ISO 9001-2000.
  • On the basis of the company a regular National Arts Council of textile industry was held.
  • A delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) visited the plant.
  • Awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality achievements.
  • The team celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company. By this time, 1,777 billion meters of grey fabric was produced.


  • As a long-term supplier of workwear, our company participated in the branch meeting of the JSC "Gazprom".
  • JSC "Mogotex" was attended by representatives of the Swedish company «IKEA».
  • «JSC «Моготекс» and partners — mutually beneficial cooperation». The two-day seminar on this subject was attended by representatives of 45 major companies and special departments from CIS countries and abroad.


  • Products of JSC «Mogotex» were demonstrated on 28 exhibitions of different level this year.
  • The International Business Conference "Investment-Cooperation-Business", representing the business interests of the United States, Germany, Italy, China, Turkey, Korea and other countries, was working for two days on the territory of the company. We demonstrated them all product range of JSC “Mogotex”.


  • Government delegation of Belarus visited Cuba; General Director of the enterprise V. A. Matievich took part in it.
  • The company reaffirmed the title of Laureate of the Award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality achievements.


  • On the territory of the republic and abroad there are ten joint ventures and eight dealerships, including in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan.
  • A third of restaurants of the Russian Federation are using tablecloths and napkins made by JSC "Mogotex." as a table-linen.


  • To review and analyze the production of fabrics and special clothes for the company "Gazprom" their representatives visited JSC "Mogotex". The result is noted: product fully meets customer requirements.
  • JSC "Mogotex" has once again recognized as winner of "Best Exporter of the Year" contest, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Belarus. The company team celebrated its 35th anniversary.


  • New company store is opened in Mogilev.
  • Group of Auditors from LLC "Intercertifica — TÜV jointly with TÜV Thüringen" held one more certification examination of quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001-2008. The compliance of the QMS is successfully confirmed.
  • As part of the large-scale project of investment program "Modernization of production of fabrics of" Mogotex "developed until 2015, new equipment was put into operation in the finishing factory.


  • JSC "Mogotex" continues large-scale modernization. Purchases, installations and commissioning of new high-tech equipment from world leading companies are implemented.
  • Under the slogan "The new equipment and advanced technologies, new opportunities", a traditional annual Business Forum was held in the company, which was attended by representatives from consumer companies and suppliers of raw materials from the CIS and EU.
  • As a result of participation in the International Exhibition in Astana (Kazakhstan) «KADEX-2010" collection of fabrics for uniforms and equipment for security services provided by JSC "Mogotex", was awarded the Diploma and a special medal. These awards — another achievement for the successful participation of the enterprise in other exhibitions during the year.
  • National Arts and Technology Council of textile industry is held on the basis of the company.


  • According to the work results of 2010 JSC «Mogotex» is recognized as the best in the industry — the team was handed a passing banner and the First money prize.
  • For high performance in the industry, "Mogotex" is recognized as the winner of the competition among the enterprises of Mogilev.


  • The State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus gave the status of the "winner" and "Novelty of the year" to the fabric produced by "Mogotex."
  • General Director of JSC "Mogotex" Victor Matievich was awarded "Man of the Year" in 2011 in the category "Industrial activity".
  • Website of "Mogotex" was among the winners of X Internet-Award of the international exhibition TIBO in the "corporate Internet resources." section.
  • According to Presidential Decree for October 1, 2012 Victor Matievich, General Director of "Mogotex" was presented a medal "For labor achievements."


  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in the International exhibition «Heimtextil-2014", Germany, Frankfurt am Main.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in the International exhibition «Private Label Trade Shop Japan 2014», Japan, Tokyo.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took 1st place among the industrial enterprises employing more than 1,000 people.
  • For its great contribution to the development of economic and social sphere in 2013 JSC "Mogotex" and "Mogotex" entertain division listed on the honor roll of the Leninsky district of Mogilev.
  • The legal department of "Mogotex" was the best legal department in Belarus in 2013 in the category "Production of consumer goods".
  • JSC «Mogotex" created a symbolic Victory Banner, with a length of 40 meters and a width of 14 meters, which was carried to the Soviet Square Mogilev by 20 officers from various military units of Mogilev on May 9. After the celebration the flag was folded and tucked away in storage. For exactly a year. So on May 9, 2015, this symbol of victory could flew again in the city, whose defense was an example of courage and resilience.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in 34-th International Fair on wholesale of goods of textile industry «BelTexlegprom. Spring — 2014» Minsk.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in the exhibition «Kadex-2014», The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in the exhibition «Milex-2014», RB, Minsk.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in 43-d Federal Trade Fair of goods and equipment of textile industry "Textillegprom", Moscow, Russian Federation.
  • "Mogotex" released 6 new collections of table linens and decorative fabrics, 3 of which are made in "eco-textiles" trending, popular all over the world — from cottonized linen, which is a linen cloth with the properties of cotton.
  • JSC «Mogotex» took part in 35th specialized wholesale trade fair "BelTEXlegprom. Autumn — 2014 ", Belarus, Minsk.
  • JSC "Mogotex" once again became the winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation". In 2014 were awarded Cloak fabric article 06S17 KV — and fire fighting clothes model 0059-0, which were the best in the category "Products for industrial purposes.".
  • JSC "Mogotex" took part in the specialized exhibition "Safety and Health — 2014", Moscow, Russian Federation.
  • Business trip of JSC «Mogotex» leaders to Japan in order to sign a contract with “Toyota” for delivery of 105 weaving looms.
  • Business forum of "Mogotex" gathered international partners providing exports of Belarusian goods and modernization of production, as well as joint ventures and representatives of "Mogotex" from abroad.


  • "Mogotex" fabrics were included in the collection of the world trends 2015-2016, which are determined by the results of the International Exhibition "Heimtextil", which was held from 14 to 17 of January in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
  • Mogotex JSC took part in the 36th International trade fair "BelTEXlegprom. Spring-2015" in Minsk.
  • Mogotex JSC took part in the International Exhibition "Promexpo-2015" during the Belarusian Business Forum in Minsk.
  • Mogotex JSC took part in the 12th International Exhibition "TextileExpo Uzbekistan" in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
  • Mogotex JSC became one of the best exporters of Belarus and was awarded in the nomination "Light Industry" of the national contest "The Best Exporter of 2014". The awarding took place in Minsk on May 14, 2015.


  • 6 fabric samples of Mogotex JSC were included in the collection of the world trends 2016-2017 following the results of participation in the International Exhibition "Heimetextil" (Frankfurt).
  • "Mogotex" opened a show room in the largest business center of Japan "Semba Center Building" in Osaka.


  • “Mogotex” was awarded “The Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for the achievements in the field of quality in 2016”. The company confirmed the title of laureate of the Prize for the fourth time and was awarded the diploma for significant achievements in the field of quality, the adoption of innovative technologies and new management approaches.
  • Mogotex JSC passed all the necessary stages of expert evaluation of the government-sponsored program of innovative development of the Republic of Belarus, approved by the Presidential Decree No. 31 of January 31, 2017.

  • “Mogotex” is the winner of the contest "The Best Exporter of 2016".

  • The sewing shop of Mogotex JSC was opened in the town of Krasnopolye, Mogilev region. The new production involves 24 workplaces with the total number of employees of 31 people.

  • A solo exhibition of Valery Plaksin, a member of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Belarus, was opened with the support of Mogotex JSC on October 4. About 100 works of the exposition are made in the technique of textile painting.

  • OAO “Shvejnaja firma “Lona” (Kobrin) joined Mogotex JSC.

  • “Mogotex” represented the Mogilev region at a presentation in Moscow.

  • The law department of Mogotex JSC won in the annual contest "The Best Law Departments - 2017" in the category "Machinery manufacturing, manufactured goods, engineering".

Mogotex JSC is a modern company, which dynamically develops.

We invite you to cooperation!

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