Experience, partnership, responsibility
1973 Year of foundation
3000 Products
56 100 000 m<sup>2</sup> per year
84% Export


The structure of JSC “Mogotex” includes three factories: weaving, finishing and sewing.

In 1973 JSC "Mogotex" opened the first production.
The work began with the commissioning of weaving and finishing mills — key production facilities, where the process of weaving process gives way further processing of fabrics.
Weaving factory is equipped with modern prep and weaving equipment for the production of synthetic gray cloth, cotton and mixed, providing high quality gray cloth and a variety of structures.
At present, the factory has 937 weaving looms, 38 units preparatory equipment (warping and sizing), 83 units of warp knitting machines and 12 units of sectional warping machines.
Currently weaving factory is equiped with Ramallumin prepartion machinery. In the past few years the factory was renewed with 87 Picanol weaving looms.
In December 2014 we signed a contract with Toyota for delivery of 105 weaving looms.   

Finishing factory was commissioned in 1974 and allows to do the following:
  •  de-sizing, scaring, bleaching, dyeing of cotton-containing, mixed and synthetic fabrics
  •  finishing of warp knitted fabrics and curtains;
  •  finishing of synthetic and artificial lining fabrics;
  •  printing of textile fabrics by a rotary method;
  •  dyeing of mixed fabrics under pressure, production of small batches;
  •  applying of film coatings on the surface of the fabric: acrylic, polyurethane, foamed polyurethane;
  •  laminating fabrics with membrane, foil and others.
  •  mechanical shrinkage of the fabric;
  •  various kinds of special treatment: antistatic, wear-resistant, non wrinkling, windproof, fireproof, acid protective, oil, water, blood repellent, antibacterial, anti mosquito, etc.
Our finishing factory has 130 units of technological equipment, meant for production of finished fabrics. The above mentioned finishing factory was renewed by 80% in the past 4 years.
The following lines were installed:
  • Benninger bleaching range (2 pcs.)
  • Benninger pad-steam (2 pcs.)
  • Monforts pad-dry (2 pcs.)
  • Benninger washing range (1 pc.)
  • MCS HT Jiggers (9 pcs.)
  • MCS automatic dosing station (1 pc.)
  • Unitech stenter (1 pc.)
Sewing Factory of JSC “Mogotex”, founded in November 1994, equipped with modern special and universal equipment, enabling them to produce special clothes, uniforms, home clothes, bed and table linen, products for interior decoration. The product range of the factory includes more than 600 operating models of garments and is constantly updated. Production capacity of the factory can produce 20 thousand units of special clothes and uniforms and 25 thousand products for the interior.
Sewing factory is equipped with Juki sewing machines.
In 2014 we installed Lectra automatic cutting complex. 

Production of nonwoven textile materials

On the territory of the finishing factory, for the introduction of non-waste technologies, equipment for the production of nonwoven textile materials based on the processing of textile waste of weaving, finishing and garment production, are installed and put into operation. Currently, area for production of nonwovens is equipped with stitch-bonding machines, that allows producing of stitched batting for various purposes in the amount of 700 thousand running meters per year.

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