Experience, partnership, responsibility
1973 Year of foundation
3000 Products
56 100 000 m<sup>2</sup> per year
84% Export


Enterprise development strategy designed to meet the goals and objectives defined by management's policy of "Mogotex" in quality, which can be reached by the high quality of the products corresponding to world standards.

With the development of the first production, "Mogotex" embarked on production of high quality products. The implementation of such course is possible only with creation and continuous improvement of methods of quality control. During the work, the company has gone from the organization of traditional methods of technical control to the development and implementation of a quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

The enterprise quality management system meets the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and ISO 9001:2008, which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity issued by the National Authority for Conformity Assessment of Belarus and the certificate issued by TUV International Certification (TIC) Germany.

The development of the QMS was attended by all the specialists of the company. The company's management came from the fact that viable and effective can only be the system that is created by the mind and hands of all specialists. Only such a system will solve the main problems in the field of quality, which formally set out in the "Mogotex" management's policy in quality".

The quality management system of Mogotex JSC consists of a system of interrelated processes. The QMS processes include such processes as management activities, the process of products creating, provision of resources.

The use of the quality management system ensures management of organizational, commercial and technical activities of the enterprise. The system united the team, distributed the responsibilities and promotes the coordinated work of all services of the enterprise. Documents of quality management system became internal laws of our company. "Producer-consumer" relationship is developed between departments, which not only contributes to the timely identification of inconsistencies, but also to the prevention of the causes.

Certified quality management functioning at Mogotex JSC ensured the recognition of the enterprise achievements in the field of quality in the competitions held in the Republic of Belarus.

For the introduction of highly effective methods of quality management and for production of competitive products because of that, Mogotex JSC awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for achievements in the field of quality in 2003.

In 2006, 2011 and 2016 Mogotex JSC confirmed the title of laureate of the Government Prize.

Since 2001, Mogotex JSC is a regular participant of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation", and since 2002 — a constant participant of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus". 45 kinds of products manufactured by Mogotex JSC have become the winners of these competitions.

All products of "Mogotex" are in accordance with the current technical regulations.

Conformity of the products of Mogotex JSC to requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union ТР ТС 017/2011 «On the safety of products of light industry» and ТР ТС 019/2011 «On the safety of personal protective equipment» is reaffirmed by declarations of conformity and certificates of conformity. The products are marked with a uniform symbol circulation on the market of Customs union members.

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