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30 Sep. 2011

«Mamont» dressed in fabrics from Mogotex

The twelfth festival of modern art and vanguard fashion “Mamont” (the Russian for mammoth) has dressed in fabrics made by Belarusian textile manufacturer Mogotex. Being in the vanguard, the festival has chosen the latest novelties of the 2011 season and a few samples of fabrics of the coming 2012 season, those which are not in sale yet.

Yury Budko, general producer of the “Mamont” festival:

“The twelfth festival is an event where our mutual interests have met. JSC Mogotex has been taking an active part and demonstrating its achievements in most prominent Belarusian and foreign events lately. We, in our turn, decided to make this year’s “Mamont” festival the event you’ve never seen before. Mutual wishes of two creative groups resulted in decoration of the scene with Mogotex fabrics”

Prize-winning novelties, introduced at Home Textiles Sourcing Expo (HTSE) Exhibition in New York and named among the world trends of 2012 have been used to decorate the scene for the Show — Competition and Gala Concert. The scene decoration and design will be the result of mutual creation of the group of the festival organizers, who have already prepared quite a few surprises for the potential audience.

Viktor Matsievich, General Director of JSC Mogotex:

We’ve stepped far ahead this year: New York exhibition where some Mogotex fabrics were named among trends of the coming year, launch of new production areas in Belarus, renovation of our industrial potential; all these things showed us the way to new projects. We have supported designers’ competitions before, but we think that our cooperation with this particular event, festival of modern art and vanguard fashion “Mamont” will give us an opportunity to present ourselves to the audience of young and creative people who are so numerous in Belarus. As a result, Mogotex fabrics will enjoy the popularity and be successfully used not only by Russian movie directors and HoReCa system designers, but also by Belarusian creative elite.

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