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3 Oct. 2011

Special Mission Unit Will be Able to Get Dressed in the Best Fabric of the Year Made by JSC Mogotex

The fabric for Special mission unit designed by Mogotex specialists became a prize-winner of the international competition “The best fabric of 2012” held in Moscow.

The competition was held within a big textile Federal wholesale fair of goods and machinery for textile and light industry “Textilprom” in Moscow. The fair is organized and supported by Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, Moscow authorities, the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International association “Union of Designers”, Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “Soyuzexpertiza” of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Foundation for consumer rights protection.

More than 100 fabric samples in ten assortment groups from 32 companies took part in the competition. The following criteria were used for evaluation: correspondence to Russian and international quality standards, design, finishing and technology novelty, raw materials used for production, density, and weight.

JSC Mogotex showed five samples of fabrics at the competition. Two of them became prize-winners, one of which is a new highly-technological fabric with special membrane covering on a knitted base designed for uniform clothes for the Special mission unit.

Viktor Matsievich, General Director of JSC Mogotex:

“Mogotex is widely known abroad in the B2B sector first of all owing to fabrics for special purpose, designed for Ministry of emergency situations, oil, gas, nuclear and energy-producing industries. These fabrics are most complicated in production because of special finishing which is vitally important for work in special conditions. These types of covering and finishing are designed by Mogotex. Today our factory produces about 30 million running meters of fabric for special purpose a year, 67% of which is exported. Every year we produce novelties with still better characteristics and protection properties able to follow the changing work conditions where they are used. This approach allowed us to win another prize at the international competition. We hope our victory will help our fabric get still better reputation and result in greater demand”.

Use of revolutionary technologies of fabric production allowed giving the fabric really unique properties: it is resistant to cold up to — 40С, able to protect against acids and alkali, work efficiently in different extraordinary situations, like being exposed to cold, staying still in the snow, strong wind and rain. The fabric pores are 700 times bigger than as a water molecule pore and 20 thousand times smaller than a water drop. This means that the fabric does not let the humidity in, while the human perspiration is completely let out and evaporated from the surface, leaving the clothes inner part dry.

“While choosing fabric for making uniform clothes for special mission units, one should take into account difficult conditions of their work. Clothes are an important factor for good work and often the result depends on clothes. Fabrics with protective properties of this kind produced with such new technology as Mogotex uses, have never been available in Belarus before. No doubt, this fabric will help us improve the efficiency and result of our work” Head of Military Clothing Department of Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, Viacheslav Shitikov said.

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