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16 Nov. 2011

MOGOTEX introduced a domestic innovation product: flame-resistant textile for interior design.

At Belarusian innovation week which took place in Minsk on November 15-18, 2011 a major textile producer of Belarus JSC Mogotex introduced an innovation product, the first in the CIS, that will surely change the opinion about textile properties possibilities — flame-resistant fabrics.

According to information from Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus, “854 persons have died in fires for the 10 months of 2011.4 out of 5 fires take place in residential houses. Every fifth fire is caused by violation of rules of electrical supply network, electrical equipment and stoves use. 47% of fires result from casual handling of fire. 90% of the total number of those who died in fire were people intoxicated with alcohol”.

The first in the world synthetic fabric with flame-resistant properties was created in the middle of the 20th century by German scientists. The main field of its application is use for places where large groups of people get together, shows and events are organized and where the risk of fires is high. It is also used for institutions of the “risk group” such as kindergartens, nursing homes and homes for disabled people. Today 90% of public institutions in Europe use flame-resistant textile for their interior.

In December 2010 at the meeting of Commission on Emergency Situations at the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus Concern Bellegprom got a mission to examinet he possibility to organize production of flame-resistant textile corresponding to all the existing technical and legal norms and standards in fire-fighting.

This way, JSC Mogotex initiated the development of the new State Standard of the Republic of Belarus СТБ 1819-2007 “Decorative fabrics with flame-resistant properties”. The standard includes two areas: fabrics for interior design and bedding.

“The essence of this development is a completely new approach to production of non-flammable fabrics. Additional coverings and special finishing were used before for ready-made goods to give them flame-resistance; but now this important property is given to fabric at the stage of textile production. The fabrics are made of special flame-resistant fibers. The unique raw materials and technologies were created on the Mogotex initiative and today they are the only home development available on the CIS market. Up to now fabrics with this level of protection have only been imported to us. Thismakesourproductevenmoreimportant. Besides it will help to organize import substitution in Belarus and export of the goods abroad”,-Vitaly Dedinets, JSC Mogotex Commercial Director said.

The new technology came to life owing to cooperation of JSC Mogotex and companies of Belneftechim Concern, such as RUP SPO Chimvolokno and JSC Mogilevkhimvolokno. These companies never produced flame-resistant raw materials before but they readily joined the Mogotex initiative and are producing these special flame-proof materials now. Mogotex makes its fabrics from these very special raw materials. As a result, fabrics which are flame-resistant, on the one hand, and easy to use and take care of, on the other hand, appeared. These fabrics preserve their special features for the whole period of their life.

The fabrics have passed a complicated scientific and technological examination successfully and now they are allowed to be used for pre-school institutions, nursing homes, homes for disabled people, hospitals, polyclinics, schools, universities, hotels, halls of residence, theaters, clubs, concert halls, museums and other similar institutions.

For the six months from the moment of the fabrics launch into production they have already won the recognition at such international exhibitions as «Home Textiles Sourcing Expo» in New York and the 37-th Federal Wholesale Fair “Textillegprom” in Moscow.
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