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17 Dec. 2012

Business-Forum 2012: Welcome to Mogotex

On the 7th of December,2012 business forum took place at Mogotex. Textile industry representatives out of 8 countries (Belarus, Russian, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, China, Armenia and Uzbekistan) took part in it.

«We have good qualitative and quantitative data reports and we plan to meet new 2013 with positive perspectives. In 2013 we are planning to finish the technical modernization of our equipment. That will help our products to be more competitive. Besides the technical modernization, the whole image of our mills will be improved, as they should correspond to European standards», — announced general director of the company, Mr. Victor Matievich.

According to Mr. Matievich, the company has followed right course of development, as production and export volumes have been growing rapidly within current year. Mogotex management has decided to purchase multipurpose machines and looms. This allows our company to be flexible, create a competitive assortment. Today our company not just follows fashion trends, but create our own collections.

All the equipment, which has been bought, works well with its full efficiency. Besides technical reequipment, Mogotex team creates and develops new production technologies. 25 new recipes had been introduced within last few years, such as new dyestuff preparation processes, dyeing of cotton and polyester fabrics, etc. Our specialists have developed brand new innovative fabrics, which have been used for production of fire-fighters uniforms, special garments for specialists of nuclear power industry, etc.

Next step will be made on management field. According to Victor Matievich, it’s planned to transport the offices of managing personnel from main managing building to production territory. Our company follows the experience of many international companies, IKEA for example.

As for cooperation with IKEA, today our company exports 23 types of home textile garments for that very company, located in Russian Federation. And it’s planned to develop 15 exclusive patterns for this company. Cooperation between Mogotex and IKEA has been developing rapidly over last few years. Today specialists of both our companies are developing the strategy of Mogotex presentation at world wide IKEA market.

Cooperation with IKEA requires not only technical innovations and competitiveness of goods. It means also the wealth and prosperity of Mogotex employees. "Mogotex is quite a flexible company and it follows international experience, what, in its turn, suits the requirements of our company", — underlined Mr. Abramov, head of IKEA office in Russian Federation.

Within the frames of business forum, brand new collections of ready made garments, uniforms, special technologies in fabric finishing, main home textile trends have been presented to the audience and guests.
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