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24 Oct. 2013

New Lab Equipment Installed at Mogotex

In September 2013, new Swiss-made laboratory equipment, a so-called mini-mill, was put into operation at Mogotex. Lab equipment is used for working out recipes of dyeing of textile at finishing mill.

Technology of dyeing process is one of the key features of a textile finishing. Dyeing quality depends on color recipe, which is worked out and selected carefully in a lab, and then, reproduced in process with the help of finishing equipment.

Unlike old laboratory where all the recipes have been developed manually, new equipment is mechanized and allows working with maximal accuracy and precise choice of ingredients. Thus, application errors are reduced, color assortment is increased, quality of dyeing is improved and process of finishing is optimized.

«Formerly color deviation ran up to 20 per cent. Today this index has been reduced to 3 per cent, taking into account decreasing of raw materials consumption, chemicals and dyestuffs, power energy, timetable as well. This process optimization is real thanks to automatic system of dosage, preparation, weighing and feeding of stuffs out of 160 tanks. In fact, this laboratory can function independently and be portable. The lab increases efficiency and allows us being more flexible with assortment of our products», — announced chief engineer, Mr. Skachkov.

Purchase of new lab has been made within the bounds of Technical Renovation Program, followed by the company. Also mantling and approbation of a new bleaching range, gassing equipment, Termosol dyeing range and chemical station are accomplished. Total amount of investments by the end of 2013 will have made up more than 40 million Rubles.

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