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24 Oct. 2013

Mogotex release programs of probation and tutorials abroad

In the beginning of fall 2013, Mogotex has taken on more than 100 young employees and released a program for rising of skill level of employees with probation in Germany and Switzerland.

From August to September 2013, Mogotex JSC has given and employment to 23 young specialists with Diplomas of Higher Education (Belarusian-Russian University in Mogilev, Mogilev State University of Food Industry, Vitebsk State Technological University) and to 74 young specialists with Diplomas of Collages and training schools (Baranovichi State Collage of Light Industry, Mogilev State Technological Collage, etc.).

Mogotex cooperates with graduates, chief managers of the company are teaching lectures in universities and institutes, and they are members of examination committees. Mogotex gives graduates an opportunity to take a graduation practices at company’s premises. Thus, the company has an opportunity to take on more young staff members.

When have been taken on, young employees have their probation period in accordance with personal programs. They have to develop a project, aimed to solve one of the production problems or reach one of the production goals. Employees from collages and technical schools are trained by tutors within one year.

«One of the main goals is to decrease a professional gap between the employees of different experience. We use this tutoring scheme and it allows passing knowledge from more experienced staff to new coming young specialists. Thus, rising of skill level for senior employees is very important too. That’s why we are practicing tutorials and probations abroad,» — comments Mrs. Korotkevich, chief of HRM.

In September 2013 specialists of Mogotex JSC took a tutorial course in Germany and Switzerland. The training lessons were dedicated to the use of chemicals and dyestuffs during process of fabrics’ dyeing and finishing.

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