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11 Jan. 2015

A group of managers and specialists of «Mogotex» visited Japan

In the period from 8 to 13.02.2014 a group of managers and specialists of "Mogotex" visited Japan to sign a contract for the supply of 105 looms and business meetings, during which Japanese consumers were presented our company and product range. Large Japanese sewing companies and trading houses have expressed an interest in us as a supplier of fabrics for the interior, as well as for railway workers uniforms, firefighters, etc. Negotiations were held with companies such as:
«Teikoku Sen-I Co Ltd.»
The company was founded in 1907., it sells fire protection systems and equipment, rescue and special equipment, search and rescue equipment, protective clothing and linen fabrics. The company supplies uniforms to the military (armed forces), police, professional and volunteer fire departments, other government agencies and municipal departments. Working closely with DuPont, TEISEN uses aramide fabrics Nomex and Kevlar.
Japan Interior Fabrics Association
Association of Producers of fabrics for the interior is the organizer of the most important annual exhibition in Japan for interior decoration - "Japantex". During negotiations we were offered the best options for entering the Japanese market, marked the largest sewing and trading companies. The Association will present JSC "Mogotex" to these companies, will organizesmeetings with them during the exhibition «Heimtextil 2015"
«DA&G» - «Toyo-Bussan Co.,Ltd.»
Contact with the company established after the exhibition «Private Label Trade Show Japan 2014». The company has been supplying special protective clothing for workers of Japanese railway, rescuers services, doctors, etc. We received a request for production of 1,400 units of protective suits as per a given sample, after agreeing the price and technical parameters.
«Shinatomo Co. Ltd» –  «Toyota Tsusho» division
«Shinatomo Co. Ltd»- textile trading company engaged in sales of textile products in the country, as well as import / export of textile materials: cotton, hemp, wool, silk and synthetic fibers.
«Sangetsu Co.,Ltd.»
«Sangetsu Co.,Ltd.» - large manufacturer of products for home decor: wallpaper, curtains, floor coverings and upholstery for furniture.
«N.B.R. Co.Ltd.»
«N.B.R. Co.Ltd.» looking for new suppliers of fabrics, alternative to China, so the company is interested in supplies from Belarus in connection with the competitiveness of our quality and prices. Interest is shown to the fabrics for interior decoration, including does that do not support combustion.
During the visit to the “Toyota Textile Machinery” a contract for 105 weaving looms was signed. After the contract signing, “Toyota Textile Machinery” president Mr. Koichi Ito held for the delegation a tour around the assembly hall, where at the time of the visit 30 looms similar to those ordered by JSC "Mogotex" were in production.
Due to the nature of business with Japanese enterprises, signing a contract with a reputable company "Toyota" was a fundamental for the consent of the potential buyers to meet with JSC "Mogotex". This fact was the basis for the management of JSC "Mogotex” to make a decision on this journey to build links with the business community in the Japanese market and promote our products.
This trip allowed the management and staff of the company to get a lot of information regarding the possibility of promoting of our products in the Japanese market, to establish business contacts with potential buyers of textile products and equipment suppliers in Japan, and also get invaluable experience in working with representatives of the Japanese business community. 
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