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9 Oct. 2017

An exhibition of textile painting was opened with the support of "Mogotex"

A solo exhibition of Valery Plaksin, a member of the Union of Designers of the Republic of Belarus, was opened in the Museum of History of Mogilev on October 4. About 100 works of the exposition are made in the technique of textile painting. The exhibition is organized with the support of Mogotex JSC and will last until October 15, 2017.

Valery Plaksin was born on May 4, 1946 in Leningrad. He graduated from the Applied Art Faculty of the Moscow Textile Institute. In 1978 the management of Mogotex JSC invited Valery Plaksin to work as the head of the design department. He has been creating designs and fabric structures known throughout the USSR for 30 years. At the same time he produced pictures. The artist created over 1000 works of textile painting during his career.

Textile painting. Exhibition of Valery Plaksin

The exhibition consists of 5 parts. The first part is graphics in the style of Sumi-E (in the translation "Ink wash painting"). The second part is dedicated to Katsushika Hokusai, the Japanese artist, who was born in 1760. The master worked in the style of Ukiyo-E, which in the translation means "picture[s] of the floating world". The third part is the avant-garde. This style uses geometric shapes and bright vibrant colors. Such works harmoniously match modern interior. The fourth part of the exhibition presents floral patterns and natural environment, the fifth part is dedicated to Christianity.

"It is not about the events occurring in life, and not even about the reality itself. These are my impressions, thoughts, the inner world and emotions. All paintings at the exhibition are textile paintings in the technique of sublimation. This technique is unique and the one I work in. I thank the management of “Mogotex” that they have supported and offered the chance to share my outlook with the residents of Mogilev", said Valery Plaksin, painter.

Valery Plaksin, painter

Now the works of Valery Plaksin can be seen not only in the gallery, but also at "Mogotex". Pictures decorate the hotel complex "Rodnik" and administrative buildings.

"The employees of “Mogotex”, present and former, are our greatest pride. There are the winner of the contest "The Golden Model of the World-2016" Ivan Korotkevich, the winner of the contest "Woman of the Year-2016" Evgenia Nikitina, "The Best Manager of the Vitebsk Region" Victor Amelchenko and many others in the team of “Mogotex”. The author of the exhibition Valery Plaksin is one of our most worthy employees. We are glad to support everyone who aspires to achieve the goal and live the dream," said Victor Matievich, General Director of Mogotex JSC.

Opening of the exhibition of Valery Plaksin

Opening of the exhibition of Valery Plaksin


04.10.2017 – 15.10.2017

The Museum of History of Mogilev

ul. Pervomaiskaya 5/1

Working hours: from 11.00 to 19.00

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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