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30 Jan. 2018


12 fabric samples of Mogotex JSC were included in the collection of the world trends 2018/2019 following the results of the international fair "Heimetextil", which took place in Frankfurt am Main on January 9 - 12, 2018. Textile producers from 64 countries attended the exhibition.

"Heimtextil" is held annually since 1971 and this is the leading European exhibition of home textile and fabrics for interior decoration. "Heimtextil Trends" defined 5 directions for the season 2018/2019 in interior textile: "Relax / Recharge" (balance of energy in red and blue), "Perfect imperfection" (accepting imperfection, when materials and products bear the marks of their making), "Soft minimal" (beautifully designed, simple, elegant solutions for interiors), "Adapt + Assemble" (geometric, linear interchangeable forms), "Urban oasis" (textural elements that replicate nature).

Belarusian fabrics of "Mogotex" set the trends for the textile industry as well as other European producers at the fair "Heimtextil".

"The European community of professionals has been appreciating the design and high quality of “Mogotex” fabrics for several years already. We are proud that technologists and designers of our company developed all the designs, textures and color palettes. Mogotex employees learn and gain inspiration, when visit international exhibitions. Due to their competence, experience and sense of style, our experts are always aware of the latest trends; and it was not the first time when we had gained the interest of the world textile industry to the products of “Mogotex”," said Victor Matievich, General Director of Mogotex JSC.

"Mogotex" fabrics for home textile have a high level of protective properties. They are resistant to washing and any disinfectants, they have dirt-repellent, dust-repellent and water-repellent properties. It is worth noting specially fabrics with flame-resistant finishing; this material does not burn even on exposure to open flame and high temperatures.

“Heimtextil 2018” is one of the world's largest platforms for manufacturers and retailers of interior fabrics and home textile, architects, designers and decorators, project managers and others. Exhibitors announce their products and innovations, and also unveil trends for the next year. 2,975 exhibitors from 64 countries participated in the exhibition “Heimtextil” in 2018. About 70 000 people from 135 countries visited the fair.

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