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20 Apr. 2016

"Mogotex" opened a show room in Japan

The Mogilev company "Mogotex" opened a show room in the largest business center of Japan "Semba Center Building" in Osaka in early April 2016. Within the opening, the company conducted a number of important negotiations on cooperation with major Japanese companies: Asahi Kasei, Takashimaya, Suminoe Textile, Mizuno.

"Semba Center Building" is a textile mecca, the centre of light industry of Japan, which attracts a huge number of consumers and businesspeople. There are mainly Japanese companies, for which having an office in the Semba centre is prestigious and important for business. The number of shops and show rooms is about 800 there.

"The Japanese market is one of the most closed today. It is possible to schedule a meeting or conduct negotiations only at governmental level, through recommendations of reputable Japanese companies with which contacts have already been established, or through companies that have already consolidated their positions at the Japanese market. The support of Japanese businesspeople, who visited “Mogotex” last year and made a positive evaluation of the company for their colleagues, was important for us. We were also heavily supported by the Embassy of Belarus in Japan, in particular Ambassador Sergei Kimovich Rakhmanov and counselor of the Embassy Nikolai Borisovich Sivtsev, who took part in the opening of the show room. Thanks to our partner - Russian company "Kontinent", which has its representative office in Osaka, - a number of meetings with Japanese business representatives were scheduled. Careful work started in 2014 gave its result; we opened the show room of "Mogotex" in Osaka", said Victor Matievich, General Director of "Mogotex" JSC.

Nowadays, because of the cost increase of textile products in Southeast Asia, the Japanese business is looking for other suppliers and actively studies the possibilities of other countries. However they do it with special care to potential partners and high requirements to the quality of products.

"The position of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Japan concerning the promotion of “Mogotex” in Japan is that Mogotex JSC is one of the few market participants in this country who tends not only to production modernization and producing products that meet the highest world standards, but also to entry into new prospective markets taking into account overcoming of existing barriers in mindset and business organization. It is extremely necessary to give support at all levels, including assistance in attracting high technologies and equipment, which Japanese companies have," commented Rakhmanov Sergei Kimovich, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Japan.

The show room of "Mogotex" in Japan will deal with two key points. Its first function is a show room itself, where Japanese consumers can have a look at the products of the Mogilev enterprise. In other words the concept of the space is a permanent exhibition of decorative fabrics, fabrics for special clothing and ready-made products. Visitors can take a look not only at the Belarusian range of products, but also find out more about the company “Mogotex”.

Secondly, business communication will move to a new level. Having an office in Japan, “Mogotex” can quickly provide samples to Japanese partners and demonstrate them in the show room. Thus there is a possibility to make presentations of new developments in home or special textile for particular customers.

A significant result of the business trip to Japan was a set of important meetings with Japanese companies, which noted the high quality of the Belarusian fabrics and showed interest in further cooperation. Management of "Mogotex" discussed the possibilities of production 20 thousand units of protective clothing for the petrochemical complex at the meeting with the company "Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation". "Mogotex" representatives presented fabric samples and received the templates for sewing garment samples. They will be sewn in the near future and submitted for quality approval and price negotiation.

The famous Japanese manufacturer of sportswear "Mizuno" also found an interest in the Mogilev fabrics. In connection with the sport-line expansion and the potential production of uniforms for the employees of delivery services, the number of which is more than 1 million people, the company is interested in cooperation with “Mogotex”. At the moment the Mogilev experts work on the project of production of fabrics with elastane for further discussion and presentation to the Japanese partners.

Active work was conducted in the direction of household assortment and decorative fabrics. The important meeting was held with the representatives of the largest Japanese department store chain "Takashimaya Co., Ltd". The issues of production of bags, blankets and other ready-made products for the brand shops located in the chain were discussed. These products are planned to be used as promo gifts for the buyers in the department store chain. The order quantity can be more than 1 million items in the future. The Japanese experts were interested in “Mogotex” products, and now the Mogilev professionals prepare the range and manufacturing cost. It is planned to present them to the Japanese partners by the end of May.

In 2015 the Mogilev company did a great job on sampling introduction of fabrics to Japanese companies interested in decorative fabrics. One of them was the company "Suminoe Textile", which produces curtains. The assortment of "Mogotex" was evaluated positively, so the possibilities of including the Mogilev fabrics in the "Suminoe Textile" catalog 2018-2020 were discussed at the meeting in April 2016. In the near future, the Japanese company will provide 17 samples for sewing the samples of ready-made products, which Mogotex will present to the Japanese partners by the end of the year. In case of the positive decision, fabric samples will be included in the catalog for 3 years, which will make the production and supply of a wide range of products for Japanese hotels and restaurants possible.

“Mogotex” actively continues its technical modernization in order to broaden the range and produce products that meet the highest requirements. In the second half of 2016 the company plans to purchase new sewing equipment for the production of special and protective clothes for oil and gas industry. In order to keep abreast in world's technical innovations, employees of the company visited the international exhibition of equipment for the sewing industry "JIAM 2016" in Japan in early April, and met with representatives of a Japanese company on the purchase of new equipment. After the meeting on April 15 the company "JUKI" sent an expert to "Mogotex" to conduct a technical audit of the production process and make an offer for the purchase of the necessary high-tech automated equipment.

(From left) Matievich Victor Arkadievich, General Director of Mogotex JSC; Ten Stanislav Semenovich, President of LLC "Group of Companies Kontinent" and Sivtsev Nikolai Borisovich, counselor of the Embassy of Belarus in Japan on trade and economic issues.

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