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4 Sep. 2018

“Mogotex” presented its products at the Russian exhibition “ARMY 2018”

Mogotex JSC took part in the international military-technical forum “ARMY 2018”, which was held by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on August 21-26, 2018.

Traditionally, the ARMY Forum is both a large-scale exhibition of special and military hardware, and an extensive scientific and business program. The demonstration part of the forum included exhibition area and dynamic demonstrations of cruise, flight and fire capabilities of armament, military and special hardware. The business part included more than 140 events: meetings, presentations, round tables and seminars. The Forum was attended by representatives from 118 countries of the world (Belarus, China, Turkey, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries). According to the organizers, more than 189.5 thousand people visited the event in 2018.

Mogotex JSC presented innovative products at the military-technical forum "ARMY 2018". Negotiations on possible cooperation were conducted with more than 20 companies.

The employees of “Mogotex” also got familiarized with the latest designs of leading textile, clothing and special equipment producers for the armed forces.

Today military textile companies follow the trend of creating comfort products with ergonomic designs for various climatic conditions - from hot summer to polar cold. Modern camouflage patterns, clothing for protection against harmful biological factors, firefighter clothing continue to be relevant.

“Mogotex” produces more than 200 types of fabrics with special protective properties: flame-resistant, waterproof, antistatic, acid-resistant, dirt- and blood repellent. The assortment line also includes signal fabrics with persistent fluorescent dyeing and biocidal fabrics designed to protect and prevent the development of harmful pathogens (bacteria, fungi). All fabrics are developed and tested in the own laboratory of "Mogotex". The company's products are exported to more than 15 countries of the world.

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