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14 Nov. 2017


Mogotex JSC presented its products at two international fairs: EXPOSEGURIDAD 2017 in Chile (Santiago) and A+A 2017 in Germany (Dusseldorf). The fabrics with protective properties (flame-resistant and water-resistant) aroused much interest.

EXPOSEGURIDAD 2017 in Chile (Santiago)

The Chilean exhibition of special clothing is a significant one for the security ministries of South America countries. Every year representatives of the military structures of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and other countries visit the fair in order to keep abreast of special clothing trends and the possibilities of innovative fabrics with protective properties.

Mogotex team conducted negotiations with security chiefs of Chile, including the Ministry of Defence, the gendarmerie and the criminal police at the EXPOSEGURIDAD 2017. Modern technologies for protection against various risks, like fire and water, aroused the most interest. It was decided to continue cooperation with the gendarmerie of Chile after showing the protective properties of Mogotex fabrics.

"We have a lot of work, before the gendarmerie can place the first order; we need to develop a technical design specification, work out special colors for the garments, sew the products and send the samples. We set the task to do this before the end of 2017," said Andrei Mikhalyuk, the head of the marketing department of Mogotex JSC.

"Mogotex" is also negotiating with other Chilean companies for the supply of ready-made products: energy services are interested in garments with protection from electric arc, woodworking enterprises - in garments with protection from heat. The decorative products of "Mogotex" like table linen and napkins also attracted interest.

"A + A 2017" in Germany (Dusseldorf)

The fair "A + A 2017" is a key exhibition of personal protective equipment, occupational safety, security and health. This is an international platform for the presentation of innovative means of protection, specialized equipment and accident-free technologies. The fair takes place in Dusseldorf every two years from 1954. 1,896 companies from 55 countries attended the fair in 2017; more than 65,000 visitors were registered.

During the exhibition, “Mogotex” conducted negotiations for the terms of the supply of fabrics and ready-made products to more than 30 companies from different countries: Poland, Russia, Germany, China, Greece, Ukraine, Serbia, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Latvia, Hungary, Canada, etc.

Potential customers showed a keen interest in fabrics with flame-resistant properties. The group of beaver fabrics was traditionally popular, as well as polyester fabrics with waterproof coatings.

According to recent international trends, protective garments, including “Mogotex” garments, feature a large number of fluorescent or bright signal colors, which allows to achieve maximum visibility of a worker, and an elaborate fit, that provides the human body ergonomics and takes into account the dynamics of movement during work.

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