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Curtains set

Curtain 2220-02 (vail) is not included

Size, cm: 250 Х 300 см
GOST: СТБ 638-2001
Sphere of application: - For sitting room interior design
Kit Quantity, pcs Size, cm Fabric
Linen 2
Holder 2
Lambrequin lateral element 2
Lambrequin central element 2
Lambrequin large element 3
Maximum temperature 40°С. Mechanical effect - lowered. Rinsing - with gradual lowering of temperature. Wringing - lowered.
Do not bleach with chlorinated agents
Ironing with maximum temperature of pressing surface (lower iron plate) up to 150°С.
Dry-cleaning in trichloroethane, monochloropentane and all the F-symbol solvents. Usual dry-cleaning
Wet goods must be hung for drying
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